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Is Driver’s Education Boring?

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Is Driver’s education just boring or is it not being delivered in a manner that is exciting?



In this post let’s look at this question and get to the bottom of why drivers education is considered boring and how it doesn’t have to be!


  • The state of Massachusetts requires driver’s ed for any person under the age of 18 getting their driver’s license.
  • The requirements
    • 30 hours of classroom
    • 12 hours of behind the wheel
    • 6 hours of observing another student.
  • The requirement for the parents/guardian
    • 40 hours spent driving with their child.
    • A parent/guardian class must be attended by parents/guardians before their child can obtain their driver’s license.

Does this class look fun to you? – NO!
Knowing how easy these steps are; why do so many of our children find driver’s ed boring?

If you were to walk into a driver’s ed classroom you would likely see something like this picture above. Why? I remember when I turned 16 how exciting it was to begin the process of obtaining my driver’s license, the thought of the freedom was very exciting for me!  Today’s kids are just as excited, but they are also part of a generation where technology it a huge part of their life.  Yet the classroom portion of this required training has not changed in all these years!

Let’s look at some possible reasons the students may not find it so exciting and how to make it a better more exciting learning experience for them.

Why it is boring?
What can make it fun?
Focusing only on laws, regulations, dangers
Focus on the exciting and safe parts of driving while including the technical/boring aspects
Reading directly from the RMV book
Using technology to engage the students
Too much information to absorb
Mixing the technical aspects with real world scenarios
Lack of engagement and energy
Instructors should be excited about presenting the information.  Excitement is contagious!


How can driver’s ed become a fun and exciting learning process for the students?

Let’s look at some simple and effortless ways to make driver’s ed a fun and exciting learning process.  The goal is to always make our children and any new driver more educated and safer drivers when they take to the roads. This class looks FUN!

  • NexGen Driving Academy focuses on a safety-first approach!  However, we take a fun and interactive approach to it.
  • Our instructors are energetic and excited about driving and driver’s education! Their goal is to make the students feel safe and confident in their ability to drive.
  • Using technology to bring driver’s ed to our children, we can deliver the curriculum in a manner that is educational and exciting for them.
  • We use a full power point presentation along with up to date videos. We have also incorporated an interactive quiz and study program that will keep our students both entertained and interested in the subject.
At NexGen Driving we strive to make the driver’s education program an exciting part of our students lives! We feel when a student is excited about driving they are more likely to go an and become safe and responsible  drivers making our roads a safer place for us all!
Thanks for reading and browse the site and see if NexGen is a good fit for you or your child.
Patrick Welby
Owner at NexGen Driving Academy
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