Driver’s Education is a mandatory requirement in Massachusetts to get a driver’s license, at NexGen driving academy we take driver education seriously. Technology has changed the way we drive; our children must learn the rules of the road along with common sense while behind the wheel. 

The drivers education classes are based on the state-approved driver’s ed curriculum, but we have also added a full PowerPoint presentation using video and online resources to ensure the learning experience for our students, your kids, is fun, engaging and interactive. All classes are taught by professional licensed driving instructors that bring energy to the classroom as well as a wealth of knowledge from years of safe driving. All instructors have passed both a state and nationwide criminal background check as well an extensive driving record check.


The owner, Patrick Welby, decided to open NexGen Driving Academy after years of training professional truck drivers and working at other driver’s ed companies. Seeing that there was a major gap in these courses, the lack of focus on common sense and the lack of engagement with the students, he decided this was an area where he could impact change and make the roads safer.

With this background, NexGen will go above and beyond to make sure our students develop the safe driving habits that are typically only taught to commercial drivers. All students will be taught how to navigate the roads like the professionals do, as well as learning how to use defensive driving techniques that will help them to avoid situations that can result in accidents.